Senior Thesis:

Human-to-Animal Traits leading
to Self-Care and Understanding

In storytelling, culture, and even in everyday life, we are exposed to phrases such as “she is as shy as a mouse,” or “he is like a night owl,” or “they are a chicken.” People use these comparisons to emphases a deeper meaning than the standard adjective, but how is it generally understood by the population. People constantly compare themselves to animals in order to justify for particular habits or personality quirks.

Avatar Example

In the field of science, Zoomorphism and Anthropomorphism support the concept of comparing humans to animals and vice versa. Cultures, such as the Lunar New Year zodiac animals, assign animals to humans through storytelling and superstition. Media, such as in cartoons like “Tom and Jerry” and in comics such as “Maus,” can dictate a character’s personality and motive through anthropomorphic animal traits.

Process Book

The purpose of Animagalmation is to allow users to interact with different animal traits and avatar design to create an unexpected creature that is most similar to them. The outcomes would not be exactly beautiful or aesthetically pleasing, but instead an insight on how people are different and unique through another’s eyes. The avatar then acts as a mirror for people to view themselves in a different light, while reiterating the importance of self care and self importance. I hope to explore the reasons why people choose to compare their human behaviors to animal traits, while also examining the different ways people can learn traits about themselves that they could not see before.


Avatar Animal Part Assets

App Mock-up