Mascot and Character Designs

From Personal Use to Commercial Use

Collection of various mascot and character designs, for personal use and commercial use.

Blossom: Peach Flower House Mascot Design

Clientele Work & Commercial Use

This is the mascot for the eastern-to-western translation company, Peach Flower House. Located in Los Angeles, they requested me to design their mascot, Blossom. Using Asana, I communicated with the co-founders and kept up with several deadlines set for the project. I was also requested in the future to create LINE stickers of Blossom for the team.

Personal Brand:
Logotype and

Logo and Design Concept

I also have a logotype and mascot for myself that centers around my personal branding Bun Town. The logotype was created to match the rabbit theme and include my initials for professional use.

The mascot was designed to my personal preferences and character creation. It is used to represent myself in my branding.

Character Designs

Personal Character Designs

I love creating characters to fit my personal world building. Here are a couple of reference sheets thatI have designed over the past two years in both my detailed anime style and my chibi style. I took into consideration the color choices and clothing details in order to reassure me and other people would be able to draw the character.